Monday, September 19, 2011

this is ava in pigtails...

this is another in-progress piece that i wanted to share, i'm painting a photo of my best friend brittany's baby girl ava, in pigtails! i have been dying for ava to have long enough hair for pigtails since she was born, so i adore this photo of her, and really wanted to capture that little-kid feeling, with bright primary color accents, a little more whimsical brushstrokes, with abstract colors. it's not done yet, but i'm pretty pleased with how it's turning out. figured i'd share!

here's a better little close-up of what i've got so far...


  1. WOW!! This is simply gorgeous!! I use to oil paint.. but got out of it cuz of the paint thiner, was killing me.. I did mostly wild life paintings.. I still have a few, But sold most of them.. I never did get the hang of water colors..Hugs, Linda

  2. Love it! It has a definite impressionist influence to it.

    I linked a friend of mine to your art blog and she thinks your art has potential.

    I should specify, she works at Square Enix.

    From her opinion, you could try applying at SE or at Crystal Dynamics/Eidos (SE branch companies). Crystal Dynamics is looking for a lot of artists, designers and concept artists right now.

    check your email for more info.