Friday, August 12, 2011

this is progress...

the digital watercolor brush in corel painter is tricky, but i wanted to use it instead of the tint brush, because it's good for getting a "flat," blended look (the blending is not done, obviously, although i'm pretty pleased with how his head has progressed) without it feeling posterized, which i don't want. i want it to be a painting. although i might try a more posterized feel on this image somewhere down the road. i like corel painter a lot, because the brush layout, and using it with a tablet, feels a lot more instinctive and intuitive for an analog artist than the adobe programs do, but maybe that's just because i haven't used adobe enough for it to be instinctive yet. anyway, wanted to show a bit more.


  1. Cool. I'm impressed. Ann Marie sometimes uses Painter Essentials with our little tablet, and my impression is that it's a totally different creature than Adobe's beasts.

  2. Chels, it looks GREAT! I love the color contrast- it's really striking.