Friday, August 12, 2011

this is progress...

the digital watercolor brush in corel painter is tricky, but i wanted to use it instead of the tint brush, because it's good for getting a "flat," blended look (the blending is not done, obviously, although i'm pretty pleased with how his head has progressed) without it feeling posterized, which i don't want. i want it to be a painting. although i might try a more posterized feel on this image somewhere down the road. i like corel painter a lot, because the brush layout, and using it with a tablet, feels a lot more instinctive and intuitive for an analog artist than the adobe programs do, but maybe that's just because i haven't used adobe enough for it to be instinctive yet. anyway, wanted to show a bit more.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

this is a sneak peak

...of the latest painting i'm working on. i'm super excited about it. i think i want to do a series like this of my favorite musicians. +50 if you know who this is. if you don't, you're not very observant, and you don't listen to good music. LOL

this is pretty... pretty

the side art design i did for my brother & now sister-in-law's wedding announcements.

this is not very modest

but then, some aliens don't understand the concept of modesty. one from the ol' drawing group. we'd get together and give each other things to draw. i was given "alien with gun" and this is what i came up with.

this was my second logo

one i came up with for my cousin, laurie, as official signage! (and all its variations...)

(my favorites are #5 and #6)

this was my first logo

done for a counseling office that my friend worked for. i had a lot of fun researching polynesian tapas work before i came up with the image in grey. this one is the one they went with. my other takes on it are below...

this is not easy to read when it's small...

one of my favorite rilke quotes. makes you think. based on the nike statue.

this is not green

it's red. very, very red.

this is not from around here

painting (in Corel Painter) of a tree i saw in a cemetary near stamford, connecticut when i lived out there in 2008.

this is not proportionate... on purpose

i was practicing distorting perspective, in my sketchbook. this is from about a year ago, i found it again, and thought i should share. :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

this is my latest soapcraft stuff...

tea tree oil & oatmeal soap that i made this weekend, plus packaging that i came up with today. i might go home and come up with something completely different, but i figured i'd share.

and a new label design after i played around with fonts for faaaaaarrrr too long...

aaaaaaannnndddd.... FINAL PRODUCT!