Tuesday, March 8, 2011

this is nothing new

well, nothing new to me. old drawings! (click to enlarge)



Non-objective, and Abstract Windsurfer!

The Infamous Gollum Cow!

Two-thirds of a 3-Angle Character Design!

Gesture for figure drawing in red chalk on newsprint...

Cute Little Girl! This one I did in high school, and I wish so bad I had left it a pencil drawing instead of trying to color it with pastels... totally ruined the hair. But it still looks pretty good, I think.

ManWoman! Bahahahaha.... oh, inside joke. Such an old, old inside joke from high school art class. Collin and Dave, I miss you guys. So much.


  1. i LOVE the cute little girl - not in THAT way though... her hair is like my sister's, well, when she was around that age

    MANwoman, lol - awesome stuff, i've been meaning to scan some of my old drawings, haven't been around a scanner in a year or more - but after scanning, drawing over them digitally - yeah, i wanna get back into digital art, and hit the ground running, see where it takes me

  2. You totally should. I've said before, I think digital stuff would really be right up your alley as far as the amount of control over detail it gives you, and your works are always so meticulous and intricate... I'm excited to see what you come up with!