Monday, January 10, 2011

this is not a real piece of artwork

i can't draw anything the last few days, well, i can't draw anything to share up here. i'm curling back up into my words as a means of artistic expression, perhaps because i feel more secure in my ability to hide more in the words than i am about being able to hide in my artwork. when i'm drawing, the feelings always come out, it's harder to control them. when i write, the feelings still come out, sure, but i at least can keep them behind a more difficult code to crack.

some artwork is too private, i guess. which is funny, you'd think every piece of art is made to be seen - but there are some pieces that just have to be gotten out, a means of exorcism for the artist, i think. ANYWAY enough ramblings. this blog is for pictures, not postulating.


  1. i think it's real - sure is gorgeous, whatever the ontology :)